Crashes with version 3.3.x

If you're experiencing some crashes when updating your app to iTV Shows v3.3.x, please follow the instructions :

  1. Make sure to have the latest iOS update
  2. Delete iTV Shows
  3. Restart your device
  4. Install iTV Shows

To avoid losing data, we suggest you to sign up to a account.  

If you're still experiencing a crash, please contact us. 


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    I was having this issue, but I realized the icloud drive needed to be enabled and in there you must enable itv shows. worded fine then. hope this helps

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    Hello I have done all that you have said I deleted it reinstalled it rebooted my iPad etc. and the app crashes almost after starting the app every time, please fix it as I like your app

    thank you

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    Stan Kastanek

    Since last update (3.6.1) it crash whenever I try to mark a show as watched.

    I'm on iOS 10.2 and my itvshows settings are:

    - sync activated for both iCloud and

    - language as automatic (French is used then)

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    Nick McKinley

    I'm also suddenly experiencing the app crashing almost immediately upon opening.

    I have unistalled and reinstalled without any change in the problem

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    I'm having the same issue. I'm experiencing crashes with the app as soon as I enable sync with Is there a limit on the amount of data that can be synced from I have tried all the steps above and the issue is still present

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    some tv shows just don't update and sync between devices. CSI Cyber is an example. please fix

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    Danilo Martins

    You know what solved it for me? I deleted this crappy app, removed my iCloud drive files and reinstalled. Yup, I had to re-add each tv series manually afterwards. That's the price you pay for paying for 4 different copies of the same crappy app.

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    Jose Vazquez Padilla

    I can't synchronize , when I try it the application shut down and I must restart the iPhone and reinstall the application. But when I try to synchronize again the problem return. I have the same problem on iPhone and iPad. Please I need a solution. Thanks.

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    Nick McKinley

    This issue is also happening on my iPad Air!

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