Common migration issue

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Log out from your account. 
  2. Then import all your shows from iTV Shows 2.
  3. Wait until the end. 
  4. Then log in to your account. 
If you're still having issues, please contact us. 


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    Ankita Agarwal

    Plz help how to migrate my data from ITV shows 2...AS the app is no longer working

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    Joe Aquilina

    This app it needs to be desperately updated!!!

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    Christopher Tominna

    How do you Import? Wait until the end of what? Is this how you sync the accounts?

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    Raymond Ng


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    Raymond Ng

    Sent out email to app support and awaiting response. I bought itv shows 3 and I'm trying to migrate the data from itv shows 2 but I don't see the option available in my setting. The version I have is 2.2.4. I believe there is a 2.2.5 version but since the app is no longer on the App Store, I can't grab it. I have 161 shows and I am sure as heck not going to manually add each one back. Please help.

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    Todd Melanson

    I'm no expert but I'd open a trakt account via the app in "more then synchronization." and sync your app up with that. Once synced up. Login to the trakt site on your new app and it should sync if think

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    MaryElisabeth Leinthall

    Very misleading. Someone is simply collecting money. 😖

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    Rafael Sangalli

    How do I migrate? I exported data from version 2, but I can't find a place to import in its Shows 3.

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    It does not work!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I've contacted them and nothing in 6 months.


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    Elimelech Weiss

    doesn't work for me either any help?

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