Basic Troubleshooting

1. Restart the application

Quit the application, double tap on the home button to show the last used applications. Make a long tap, at least 2 seconds, on the iTV Shows icon. A red button appears. Tap on it, it’ll completely quit the application, then re-launch it.

2. Reboot your device

Most problems are simply solved by rebooting your iPhone or iPad.

3. Reinstall the application

If reboot doesn’t work, you can delete the application and reinstall it. If you’ve configured an iCloud account, you’ll not lose your series after the reinstallation.


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    Steve Lemieux

    Same as Karina Bråten's problem. Also, "The Musketeers" has every episode multiple times and every new episode add, all episodes multiply AGAIN (all as unseen) PLEASE FIX THIS!

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    Edgarin Padilla L

    The app is fine, and I like it, but it freeze when I'm looking for my series. Please fix it. 😭😭

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    Miss Fanny

    I find my self haveing the same problem as all the below, but also that my comments never registers or the point I give in the amount of stars

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    John Colglazier

    I am periodically losing check marks for episodes I have watched. It happens for multiple series at one time so I have to check all and update again. This is the main function and the whole reason I use this app. Please, please troubleshoot and fix. I need to rely on last watched episode without second guessing

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    Basco van den Bosch

    Every time i open a serie, it starts with the top s01e01. So i have to scroll all the way down to the episode where i left off. This is only on my iPad, my iPhone does it different.. it goes to the episode i last watched. How do i do that with the iPad?? Very frustrating if you have a series with 14 seasons.....

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    App crashes immediately on startup. Nothing helped so far (#1+#2) next step would be a reinstall (#3):

    How can I check if the iCloud data of iTV shows is valid? In iCloud drive there are no data from iTV shows app. Only in iCloud storage settings
    I found a few KiloBytes of iTV Shows 3.

    Should I give it a try? Don´t want to loose all my data. Maybe I´ll backup data from the app directly using iPhone Explorer or something similiar allowing direct iPhone storage access.

    I also use but it's not that reliable (e.g. doesn't know and sync a lot of my series existing in iTV Shows 3 database) therefore I do not fully trust

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    Jordi Vargas T.

    I can not use the Facebook or Google plus share option, I push the button and nothing happens. I’ve tried re-installing and it continues not working.

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    Karina Bråten

    When i Check the box for watched episodes, it suddenly appears in " to be watched". Then i have to Check it again!! This goes on with different shows. Very iritating

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    Carolyn Velez

    I love this app but am having the same problem with marking episodes as watched but they don't stay that way. It would also be awesome if there were a way to have BBC shows that air in the UK first not show up on the watch list until they air in the US. Thanks!

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