I have trouble with the iCloud synchronization

Please follow this instructions:

1. Make sure to have internet working on all your devices.
2. Make sure to be logged in with the same iCloud account on all your devices. (Go to Settings > iCloud)
3. Make sure to activate iCloud Documents and data on all your devices. (Go to Settings > iCloud > Documents and data)
4. Re-start completely the App on all your devices (double tap on the home button to show the last used applications.Make a long tap, at least 2 seconds, on the iTV Shows icon. A red button appears.Tap on it, it’ll completely quit the application, then re-launch it.)

Then, add a new shows or mark an episode as watched. It can takes several minutes before the sync occurs.


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    I have made all the instructions above but nothing happens. My two devices are in ios 7 now. All my problems began because i could'n remember my password to my account and the app was trough away by accident. I made 2 different accounts with my emails and new passwords in the app but nothing happens.  The arrow at the corner never moves. I want your help please.

    thank you in advance


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    Javier Jusid

    No logro sincronizar mis series en iPad con iOS 7 (instalación limpia). Tengo habilitado iCloud pero iTV Shows 2 no aparece en la lista de apps habilitadas. Tampoco puedo loguear a mi cuenta porque rechaza la combinación usuario contraseña (estoy seguro que son correctas). En iOS 6 funcionaba correctamente.

    En el iPhone con iOS 7 (actualización sobre iOS 6) la aplicación se cuelga al iniciar. No lo utilizaba en iOS 6 en el iPhone.

    Por favor ayuda con este problema.

    Muchas gracias


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    Copied from my Facebook post - thanks for helping me out!!

    Love the app so I'm being as positive as possible with the problems I'm having with iOS 7. Shows marked as watched unchecked themselves (red flag went away in front of my eyes). Restarting the app and restarting the phone didn't work so I deleted the app and re-downloaded. However, none of my data from iCloud re-downloaded even though I can still see it's there in iCloud settings. Any help would be appreciated since I have a ton of shows and it would be a pain to re-add them all. I'm scared to delete the iCloud data but will do it if you reply back suggesting to do so. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Daniel Jähnichen

    Same Problem after trying all Steps above!! Both Devices iPhone and iPad are synced with the same iCloud. And Both are running iOS7 ... maybe thats the Deal??

    Thanks for support!?

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    Christoph Martin

    Same probleme here.

    Sync between iphone and ipad is not working. Both are on iOS 7. A fix would be really appreciated because i guess for a lot that's a knockout criteria.

    Thank you!

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    Dhanish Gajjar

    Same Problem !

    Serious iCloud sync issues. Some TV Shows disappear on iPad sometimes, badges display different numbers, after tapping watched episodes sometimes they disappear again showing them as unwatched.

    A fix would really be appreciated. ASAP


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    Andrea Miller

    Having the same problem. My shows keep disappearing randomly. What can I do?

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    Christos Ziongos

    What worked for me, in iOS 8.0.2, was:
    1. With iCloud sync activated, I managed my shows in one device.
    2. I went to Settings > General > Usage > iCloud Manage Storage
    3. Selected iTV Shows 3 and then "Edit", deleted Documents and Data.
    4. Restarted the app, and let it re-sync everything anew.

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