How to highlight my favorite series?

You can mark series as favorites. That way, they’re always placed at the top of your series list. To do that, go in a series, tap on the information button, and tap on the bookmark with a heart.


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    Congratulations on your new version, which is beautiful.

    I miss one option to make it perfect. One option that has disappeared with your new version 3. It is the ability to mark a series as favorite (without using It's a shame to have to remove this option, which allowed to have a personal list.

    Is it possible to recover soon? or the possibility of adding a series in a personal list in one click?

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    Christophe Ruffra

    Il est dommage qu'on soit obligé d'avoir un compte TRAKT.TV pour mettre une série en favori

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    Sick Muse

    The option to mark the series as a favorite does not seem to be working. When I tapped the heart it asked me to create a TRAKT account, which I did. Now when I tap the heart it asks me to comment or vote on a series but it doesn't mark it as a favorite. Please fix this, it's a very useful option!

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    Sick Muse

    The information in this tip is misleading :
    To favorite a show, you need to swipe on the show from the main view and tap favorites.

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    Roshan Seewoobudul

    Thank you very much sick muse! That helped!

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